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Hall of Fame

  Brazil 162 
  Chile 158 
  Hungary 126 
  Poland 113 
  Spain 102 

  TdC 204 
  dP 157 
  mm 143 
  RS 138 
  ps 106 

  Incog 101 
  Csongi 91 
  RoladuraDoce 87 
  Gabriel 81 
  Crazy 65 
  HHC 60 
  Dulek 46 
  Bry4N 46 
  DENnis 46 
  Chelsea 44 

Welcome to Winter Worm Olympics 2011!

For the newcomers here's a short summary of what this exactly is. The Worm Olympics are basically a large amount of Worms Armageddon tournaments hosted in a short period of time. The tournaments can be hosted at any time, by anybody and with any scheme!

WWO 2011 is taking place between 19th December 2011 and 1st January 2012.


You don't need to "register" to play in WO. Just be there when a tournament starts, sign up, and play. :)

Please read the player's guide and FAQ for more information. After each tournament you play in, please upload your replays.


If you want to host your own tournament as part of WO, please read the hosting guide and rules, after that feel free to register it. :)


If you switch clans or join one while WO is running, the new clan will only receive your points from the joining date.

If your clan's name or flag is missing, please send them in an email.

WormKit modules

We highly encourage you not to use ProjectX in your Worm Olympics games, because it may cause desynchs, even when turned off. If you use it anyway, you do so at your own risk: if you cause a desynch, you may automatically lose.

If you use WormNAT2, please use the latest version.

WormNET down?

If for some reason WormNET goes down while you are hosting/playing in a tournament, try using an alternative server.

Previous Olympics

Looking for a previous website? Check here!
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